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At the Wink of an Eye

At the Wink of Her Eye

And just like that, at the wink of her eye he was hers. He couldn’t explain what the attraction was other than her raving beauty; her spunky character; and her southern drawl that had every guy in the bar buying her drinks just to hear her say “Thank ya sir!” Her flirty behavior was a tad [...]

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Writing for Me, By Me

Writing for Me and by Me

I have finally gotten back into the writing scene and if feels so good, however, the few short stories that I have already written and published have been under a "pen name". Why? I thought … Read Full Story

Featured: Seduction

Cowboy Wesley Owens

The Seductive Cowboy

A ranch owner in Texas and Tech geek by trade. Wesley is on assignment in the big city and cities he hates. So what's he to do in the evenings when the work is complete? It was an evening like no other. The city sidewalks were crowded with hordes of … Read Full Story


The Seduction: Laura and Garrett

I brushed by him as he was sitting in a booth at McDonald’s. I turned around and said “Excuse me, I’m so sorry”. He smiled at me and I continued on my way. I couldn’t help but notice how handsome he was in a rugged kind of way. Even though I am married, I can … Read Full Story